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Hacking WEP (on an Orange Livebox)

November 13, 2011 38 comments

Hack WEP using Backtrack 5 and gerix

So, you forgot your WEP key and you can’t recover it or you simply wanna hack into your neighbor’s WiFi :P. In short the situation is – your terminal can detect the “secured” WiFi network but it can’t connect to it because you need the key. WEP (and WPA too) has already been hacked long ago, yet people still use it! There already exists tons of ways on how to do it, just google it. I am just going to explain the way i did, which i found to be the simplest one yet. All you need is to download BackTrack 5. You can install it on your PC, but it is simpler to just create a bootable Live USB using UNetbootin. I assume you booted Backtrack 5 (from USB or otherwise) successfully at this point. Read more…

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