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Unofficial Guide – BSc Computer Science at University of Mauritius (UoM)

July 13, 2010 21 comments

Looking forward to study Computer Science at UoM? Well, it’s your lucky quarter! Read on…

Post Updated on 23-Jul-10

Here is a post i’ve been wanting to do. I just completed my first year in BSc Computer Science. So, i thought, why not share it to you guys and gals? Then i thought, what to actually share? Am i going to briefly describe the course? Give an overview of the each module? Give you tips? Insider news? Well i am not going to give you just the taste of it, but also all the sauce and flavor served with it and ingredients to tackle it successfully. Note that the appropriate target audience for this post is (1) person contemplating doing CS at UoM, (2) You are a newcomer and need a guideline, (3) You wanna jump into the IT field ’cause you read some nice job ads, (4) You are a computer geek and wanna learn some formal stuffs, (5) You have nothing else to do and curious by nature, (6) You’ve heard there’s gonna be a lot of hardcore Math and you’re scared shitless. 😆

Welcome to the new, exciting, University life. This isn’t college anymore. Gone are the days of afternoon tuitions! Forget your A-Level results. Good or Bad, just forget it. It doesn’t matter now. Who cares for your A-Level result when you will be working as a Software Engineer for instance. It is your skills at work which counts. This is on what your employers will assess you. You are now grown up and need to be more self-dependent. You’ll have to do lot of work on your own and don’t expect your lecturers to spoon feed you. Just scroll down at the bottom of this post and look at the figures for number of failures. Yes, it won’t be easy and you’ll be spending a few sleepless nights as well! If you input just the right amount of effort, your output will be successful. If not, then you will need to do some debugging :). OK, your first bookmark should be the Read more…