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Weight loss by low-carb diet

January 12, 2011 14 comments

Lose weight! Increase energy! Feel great!

So you have decided to shed those extra pounds, congratulations. Me too. Let’s be clear: I’m neither a doctor nor a PhD. I am a careful data cruncher and analyser- I recently read lot of scientific publications, ebooks, etc. I blame my geekish nature for that lol. I am going to briefly describe the most fool-proof way of losing weight. You probably don’t know where and how to start losing weight? You read stuffs on the web but they inadvertently confuses you even more. This is a problem known as information overload. You can’t correlate them and sometimes they contradict themselves. For e.g., you were always told that you should drink unlimited amount of water and this claim is backed up by every dietitian, doctors, scientist… but a recent study revealed that drinking too much water is not good for health. Confused? So am I! You will soon see that in order to lose weight efficiently you should rather decrease your carbohydrates intake rather than fat. Confused? Don’t worry, you will soon be enlightened.
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