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Eset Login’s Viewer (made by me!)

July 10, 2010 1 comment

Screenshot of the application

Here is a nifty little tool i first made in 2007 and updated in 2008 using VB6. It allows you to get new login data for ESET. This is a very famous application in the underground internet world and hanging for quite a time now! Well not that underground after all cause its very easily google-able and is found in almost every other warez boards and torrrent website. Please be advised that IT IS NOT A CRACK!

It simply loads a website which regularly post new logins(username/password) for ESS and EAV. The program just make use of the webbrowser control in VB6 which loads the webpage. I added some buttons and features to it.

For you trivia buffs, When you will click on About you will see the **MADE IN MAURITIUS** text lol :P. Just making our little country famous on the Internet lol.

Btw, i wish to thank digitox who help me with this app! 😛

It goes without saying that if you really like the software please buy the legit thing and support the developers. (You might happen to be one someday!)

Here is a link to download: Rapidshare