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Engineering Mobile application projects (part 1)

April 30, 2015 Leave a comment

iOS/Android project management

Mobile applications project management and methodologies differs from other traditional software projects. Mobile projects development has gained its full momentum and is in all rage in this present day and age. I have seen that tips/guide in management specifically in mobile projects are (rather) lacking or not thorough enough and thus, i decided to write my own. Here is a little background on myself: I have 3+ years in developing enterprise and public apps and have exposure in the full development lifecycle of mobile projects. There is no magic one solution-fit-all though, because every projects have their intricacies. Read more…

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Automate Python code execution with predefined I/O

March 15, 2012 4 comments

Need to not prompt for input in program execution and store output in a variable.

If you need a program that can arbitrarily execute a piece of Python code, and get the result, then this post is made for you. Much like in a programming contest. It’s not complicated if you need this kind of functionality on a Web Server that run and breath Python- it was the Django framework for my case.

As it turns out, you can actually run a piece of code embedded inside a String much like in javascript. And thats pretty damn cool, Sir. Here’s how to do it… if you want to understand the parameters, well you don’t say! Look elsewhere :-).

code = compile(newCode, '<string>', 'exec')

newCode is a string (can be single line or multiline string- those inside ”’ statement ”’ that span multiple line). Yes, Python can compile code! I bet you didn’t know that :P. Be careful Read more…

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Pwning friends on Live Messenger :)

July 20, 2010 24 comments

Tne fini chek to resulta? lol…

Having some fun. Chek out the chat logs i posted below. Told ’em that results was already out and the level changed from 1 to 2. If you have passed of course 😛 I edited the HTML Source code of my page and put 2 instead of 1 and forwarded the screenshot to them for “proof”. A well engineered pwn! Read more…

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Your personal Lotto quick pick

July 14, 2010 13 comments

Wanna improve your chances on winning a few million rupees?

The Mauritian Lotto was first introduced on the 07th of November 2009 by lottotech. The first jackpot was Rs 12 Million. The first winner of the lotto was Guillyano Zamir, who won the Rs 30 Million Jackpot. I am going to post the source code of a program i made that generate an arbitrary number of Lotto simulations. While writing this blog post, i researched a bit on Lotto and found some very interesting stuff.

Lotto lets you pick a certain number of choices from a card. In Mauritius you get to pick 6 numbers from a card having 40 numbers. Then, the Lotto managers pick 6 numbers at random. If your choice exactly matches theirs, you win a few million rupees or so. What is the probability of having a winning pick? Mathematics says the following about it: (40 × 39 × 38 × 37 × 36 × 35) / (6!) = 3,838,380. Read more…