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Primer on program disassembly and intel x86 assembler

October 8, 2011 5 comments

An intro to disassembling C program and using a debugger (in Linux)

First of all, I assume you have some basic knowledge of the C Programming language, Linux (or any UNIX based OS) and using a shell. Knowing how to code in C is most of the time enough to make you a decent programmer. You don’t usually need to understand all the inner workings of the CPU to make the program run. Ignorance is bliss. But if you are like me- who want to get a bigger picture of what is happening inside your machine, then reading this post will help you get a better idea. If you want crack or exploit programs, then these are the basic set of skills you need to master.

You need to realize that C code is meant to be compiled. The code can’t actually do anything until it’s compiled into an executable binary file. Thinking of C-source as a program is a common misconception that is exploited by hackers every day. The binary a.out’s instructions are written in machine language, an elementary language the CPU can understand. Read more…